James Tedesco's Blog Posts

James Tedesco's Blog Posts

Live Like A Queen And King Of Your Castle
 Feel royal, Live Like a Queen and King of your Castle in this Beautiful Highlands Ranch Home. Spacious and grand you well always feel the royalty in your new home. Entertain ...

Amazing Grandeur Will Delight Each And Every Day
  Look no longer for your forever home! In Highlands Ranch is your Castle, your tower of Dreams! Wooden floors gleam while high above the light shines in from windows  ta...

Our Home Offer Was DOA
      Well, we wanted to try and offer less than the seller wanted you know because you have to save right? Uncle Joe told us too, he did it that way in 1967 wh...

I Just Want A Damn House Was The Cry
 One Friday afternoon somewhere in the Denver Colorado Home Market on a street corner in front of a house under contract a cry rang out. I just want a damn house! Another...

Have You Heard About Denveright
If you are a Denver "native" or have lived in the Metro Denver area for more than a few years, you can see the changes that are the result of steady, and recently, rapid growt...

Front Range Summer Attractions
Denver is a bustling city year-round, but especially so in the summer time. If you plan to get to know this beautiful Queen City of the Plains better this year or are new to the ar...

Metro Area Farmers Markets
There are advantages to all of the rain we are getting lately, but I can't remember what they are right at the moment, because (ugh) I don't think I can wait much longer for the su...

Denver Metro Bicycle Trails And Bike Sharing
If you've spent any time at all on the front range of Colorado, you know that bicycling is a hobby and sport that many residents of Colorado avidly enjoy, Whether it's the beautifu...

Tips For Growing Great Colorado Tomatoes
If you are planning your garden for this year, as I am, and you are excited about the tomatoes that you plan to grow this year, as I am, consider the following advice to increase t...

Coffee Spotlight In South Denver
I love coffee. You might even call me a coffee snob. I can't stand gas station or convenience store brown water coffee. To me it's not really coffee and it's just not worth a ...

Record Home Prices Were Set In March
New listings of homes for sale in the metro Denver area were up in March by 33 percent over February, increasing from 4,639 to 6,159 total new listings. And the number of acti...

Millennials Getting On Board With Early Spring Market
The spring housing market in Metro Denver started early this year, according to what real estate professionals have been seeing since February. The market has been m...

Do The Broncos Have A QB Yet
The Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak and general manager John Elway are preparing to make their next and final move in the process of obtaining the next Broncos quarterback, a...

Crazy Unpredictable Colorado Weather
If you've been in Colorado for a number of years, you know that the weather on the front range can change on a dime, and have probably heard the adage "If you don't like the weathe...

Colorado Gardeners Planting Calendar
Calling all gardeners! It's time to think about planting your vegetable garden, and if you haven't already started with your cold-weather crops, you still can! According to the Far...

Is The Front Range Pooch Friendly
The residents of the Denver Metro area sure love to get out and go, as evidenced by the constant national top ratings we have for our healthy lifestyle in this wonderful state ...

Considerations Between Renting Out Or Selling Your Home
Because of the near 30% increase in home values in the Denver Metro area since 2012, many homeowners may find themselves wondering if they should make the move to their next home, ...

Why Is Peyton Manning Called The Sheriff
Our Denver Bronco's beloved quarterback is playing today in his fourth Super Bowl and his second with the Bronco's. At the end of the NFC Championship game 2 weeks ago, Cam Newton ...

If You Are Not Using Credit Karma You Should Be
If you are working toward a goal of purchasing a house, or just trying to pay down debt and shape up your credit score, Credit Karma is the handiest tool to help you navigate the c...

Best Place To Buy Colorado Springs
 It's getting to be more and more interesting to home buyers in the Denver area to look at the Colorado Springs area for their next home purchase. Or their first home purchase...

Hometown Pride This Is Broncos Country
The Denver Broncos have given Colorado yet another reason to be proud! We have another championship team and we couldn't be happier. Colorado loves it's teams and we have plenty to...

Buying A Home In The Middle Of The Winter
 My lease is up in 2 months, oh no! How much is my rent going up? I have put buying a home off now for months... Where is my Realtor? Does he/she work this time of y...

Can You Buy With A Smaller Down Payment
While it can be difficult for a buyer with more modest means to compete in the current home buying marketplace, it is possible to obtain a mortgage with less than the standard 20 p...

Market Remains Strong Through Holidays And Snow
The holidays are upon us in the beautiful Denver area, and there are incredible sites to see.  Among them are twinkling lights, busy shoppers, feasts and samplings, and family...

Denver City Land Sale To REI A Sweetheart Deal
Denver City Council approved a controversial deal last Monday to sell about an acre of city-owned land in Confluence Park to REI for $500,000. The controversy stems from ...

Internet Home Search Can Become A Time Sucker Know When To Get Serious
When searching on the internet for a home to buy , one can spend a great deal of not-so-available time trying to navigate the real estate market online. Just the idea that searchin...

Time To Rent Or Time To Buy
An article published on July 9, 2015 in Denver's Westword Magazine concluded that it is usually better to rent in the Denver area than to buy a home. The findings are based up...

10 Quick Tips To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests
The holidays are upon us and you may be entertaining the idea of hosting family and friends, but just can't imagine how to whip your home into shape without adding extra stress to ...

Nov 28 2015 5370 1
Buying a home over the Holidays is a great opportunity. The smart home buyer can take advantage of the home market over the Holidays while other would be buyers are at grandma's ho...

Jobs Growth May Encourage The Fed To Raise Interest Rates
The New York Times reported today that strong jobs growth may result in an interest rate increase next month that was not anticipated to take place until March 2016.  Bet...

Will I Qualify
  Will I qualify with my credit? This is the big question many people with so-so credit ask.  Your credit is the most important detail that lenders look at when approving...

Greatest Pumpkin Patches
Are you wondering where the greatest pumpkin patches in Colorado are? Well, it's no longer a secret. Of course you can grab a pumpkin from your local stores but what fun is th...

What Are You Waiting For
  So....What are you waiting for? Mortgage rates are low and rent is on the rise. It just makes sense to buy but maybe you are nervous and unsure of how to start. Well, i...

Todays Home Market In Denver
  Expensive, in a word expensive is it in Denver for a home. There is no where to hide in the Denver home market when you are trying to buy a home. Home buyers are trying to l...

Home Blogging
    LOL, home purchase blogging. What is it we want out of home blogging? Mostly I'd think is save money right? Let me know how you saved money and can point ba...

Renters Getting Squeezed
Renters getting the squeeze, rents continue to go up across all of Denver and surrounding cities. The same across the county. In Denver renters have had to pay rents increasing ove...

Home Purchase Offers Fall Short
 The 26 home buyers who's offers that fell short not getting the acceptance they would of liked getting. After helping a buyer preparing their offer for a home they begged me ...

Where Are The Smart Home Buyers
  So here we are in January, where are the smart home buyers? LOL, well if they are in the home market now they will pay way less than the buyers of March and April. It is so ...

Why I Should Buy Now
 Are you asking why you should buy now? Well there are always those who second guess what to do and they just make it sweeter for the others who are taking acting. Like in&nbs...

2015 Home Purchase
  2015 home purchases will be a challenge as well rewarding. Home value is expected to continue to go up. I personally look to see another 5 to 7 percent across the board in t...

Get Excited Buying A Home
 Get excited buying your new home. You have so much to be excited about. So excited you can not contain it. Lets look at some of the exciting reasons to be buying your new hom...

Football Verses Home Buyer
   Home buying during football season is definitely a factor to deal with. Home viewing can be tricky as some home sellers will not allow home buyers to view during a foo...

November Home Buyer Saves Big
November home buyer saves big in Real Estate market. Those home buyers who stayed in the November Home marker were able to make stronger offers to sellers. There were less oth...

Boo 3 Scary Home Buying Steps
      Are you buying a home Scared? Are you unsure how to find and view the homes you are interested in buying and looking at? Are you not understanding ho...

Buy A Home This Winter
  Are you still looking for a home to buy after a long summer of missed opportunities? Well that is working in your advantage. Prices in the Denver Market, and this inclu...

Rates Are Working For Buyers
     Rates are in the favor for buyers and the market in Denver is hot. Rates have recently dipped for buyers and buyers can buy more home. Check with your lend...

Sell Your Home For One Percent
 Hay you want to sell your home for 1% or some low, low flat fee. Guess what? You are getting the short end of the selling stick. Losing money and do not even know you are los...

My Realtor Did It

Lets Buy A Home
 OK, you just decided you want to buy a home. You are not the only one who woke up today and decide you want to buy a home. Great, now what? You're on line now looking at home...

Have You Found A Home

Yearly Income Up 13 Percent
 Is your yearly income up 13% this year? Well if you are not a home owner your rent has gone up 13.1% in the last 12 months living in the Denver and surrounding area. No two w...

Home Buying 1 2 3
 Buying a home can b e put into 3 steps. Start with your income and credit situation. How much you have to purchase really defines what and where you will be able to purchase ...

Will I Pay To Much For My Home
  Homes are selling fast in todays market for sure, sometimes before a buyer can get to the home to view it. Well, maybe a buyer can pay to much for their home. Always plan to...

Investor I Want To Be
 Home Investors and "I want to be Home Investors" out there in this home market today. We here at EXIT Realty get dozens of calls a week from actual home investors and th...

Home Blogs Wants In It For You
 Blog, Blog, Blog, so what have you learned about buying a home? Are the stats and numbers you read helping you? Some Realtors really like to send/Blog you lots of reports and...

Denver Home Purchasing
 Trying to purchase a home in the Greater Denver Area or one of the surrounding communities? Well you had better have your act together as the average home is only o...

Messing Up Your New Home Contract
  Well now that you have found your new home and it is under contract what well mess it up? The first thing is not getting everything into your lender quickly. Yes your lender...

Open House Weekend
 Another weekend going around to open houses. You check craigslist for open houses, make your list, check it twice. You're ready to go, you've got the homes that are not ...

Last Home On Market
 Oh no the last home on the market just went under contract. Damn you were to late, by the weekend your dream home and only home in the world was gone. You couldn't ...

Rent Going Up
 Rent going up? Sure your rent is going up and guess what? Your rent will continue to go up unless you own your home, condo, townhome or where ever you choose to live. So the ...

Zillow Zestimates Change
Did you wake up this morning to find that your home’s value dropped significantly overnight? It’s weird to think that our current housing market would change value...

Buying A Home Today
 Buying a home today is different than yesterday and it will be different tomorrow. Buying a home today you need to know what the market is doing. Sure you like to do you...

Finding My Home
 Are you looking for a home wondering where it is? Are you to difficult on your Realtor? Or is it your spouse expecting to much of the market on fire? Well you probably have a...

Free Home Down Payment
 Need money for your home purchase down payment? Ask your lender for the down payment. If they don't have it ask yourself if you have the right lender as well the right Real E...

Homes Now Homes Today Get The Grant
 Buyer? Are you or are you not a home buyer? You could be just a home looker, nice like telling your friends your you're looking at homes? Well you'll never buy a home unless ...

Free Money
   Did you know that programs exist that will give you money to help you get into your new home? Not kidding around, you can actually receive money that you don’t nee...

Where Are The Homes
 Where are the homes? So if you have been looking for a new home and wondering where the new home is you are not alone. You could in a search actually find more homes under co...

6 Key Items You Need To Know About Buying A Condo
  When most homebuyers are looking into buying a Condo, the initial thought is carefree maintenance and a great location. With the current market conditions, and housing...

Is Your Preapproval Letter From Your Lender Worth The Paper Its Printed On
  Let’s think for a moment... You are a new homebuyer in search for your dream home. You’re doing the right thing by meeting with your lender before you go house hunti...

Do Not Be Left
 So are you watching the housing market or looking at homes on websites? I bet you know someone who bought a home recently. Well they are taking advantage of the great op...

How Much Purchase Power Do You Really Have
Did you know that rates for a 30 Year fixed mortgage increased from 3.25% to 4.50% in 2013? That’s a 1.25% increase in just 12 months…. If you were Preapproved to...

Good Use For Your Tax Refund
Are you one of millions of U.S. taxpayers who will be receiving a tax refund in the coming weeks or months? If so, now may be the perfect time to buy a home! You Can Buy Today! Wit...

Homes Short In Market Supply
 Looking for a home in todays market? You are not the only one as many home buyers are looking for homes and coming up short.  Homes are only on the market for a day or t...

Home Market Alive And Moving Forward
 Todays Housing market in Alive and Moving Forward with or without you. In the last couple of weeks there as been surge in activity Realtors and lenders have felt. Were you a ...

Foreclosed Homes
 Foreclosed Homes, everyone wants to buy a foreclosure. Key here is to be prepared before you find the foreclosed home or property. As the saying goes "Cash is King". The buye...

You Can Buy Today
  You want to buy a home today? You can! You just need to prepare some. Team up with a Real Estate Agent that understands your needs and is willing to work with you. There are...

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